The Swamp and the Cesspit

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It’s a challenge to mention Washington D.C. in a non-pejorative way. The city itself is not so bad – though it is a little too big for my taste – the problem is that, as the center of the federal government, it is synonymous to the malodorous bog that so many of us claim to hate. With all the hostility we hear directed toward the swamp and  how much we prattle on about having it drained, you’d think something would get done, and yet, like the weather everyone is talking about it but nobody seems able to do anything. Maybe the swamp isn’t the real problem.

I have a swamp behind my house. Let me correct that. I have a field behind my house which in most years becomes a swamp. Aside from the fog of mosquitoes and the annoying cacophony of frogs and loons, It’s not so bad either, and it’s nicer to look upon that just a weed infested field. The sun dances on the water in my swamp plus it doesn’t smell, and ducks and geese have summer homes there. Okay so it’s  not my swamp but you get the idea. As far as I know none of my neighbors have suggested we drain our swamp, at least there have been no petitions.

The problem in Washington DC is not  the swamp. No, the real problem is verminous cesspit just beyond it  Sure this corporate sponsored lagoon of feculence may stink to high heaven but there are those who have figured out how to stay up wind of the smell and mine money from this rat infested shitpit, lots and lots of money.

You shouldn’t feel bad if you have conflated the swamp and the cesspit, after all a lot of money is spent to confuse you that way.  Don’t be surprised if you didn’t even know about the cesspit and just assumed the smell was the swamp, after all that is what you are told to believe by the flashy political ads and the complicit  corporate media. The cesspit is upwind a bit from the swamp, hidden from view behind a logo adorned fence at the end of a private road, A lot of money is spent seeing to it that this pit of sewage and money stays off limits except to those few who know the gate code. Lots and lots of money.

Of course the stockholders of this stinking money hole can’t be bothered to protect and defend the thing from any sort of oversight, or (gasp) rules, on their own, for that they need congress. Unfortunately not everyone who opts to join the congress is up to the task of helping out the Cesspool owners. The good news is the sewage pond protection association is  pretty good at picking out those who will be, and when they discover a person who will be friendly to their cause they buy them,

The effluent aficionados have found their man in Greg Gianforte. Maybe it’s his record of  fighting public access that they think will be useful to them?  Or, could it be his belief that  the peons who must smell the cesspool from beyond the  fence should work until they die? Most likely it is because they have found a kindred spirit in the   New Jersey native. After all he has proved that he supports the smelly mess by anteing plenty of his own money to protect the flow of dark money and shield the stinkers who dish it out from prying eyes.

Whatever the reason, those who pan for gold from the cesspit are dumping truckloads of dirty money into the Montana special election to convince you that Greg is the guy. Actually they are spending this money to convince you that Rob Quist is not the guy, because that actually works better. If you knew nothing else about the upcoming election, the simple fact that the shadowy big money interests don’t want you to vote for Quist should tell you all you need to know.

But then, who knows, maybe you support the effluvium of corporatism which is stinking up the whole neighborhood and has the wheels of progress mired in constant partisan bickering and inaction. Maybe you are comfortable that our government  has become little more than greedy wall street banksters pulling the strings of wealthy forked tongued pranksters. Maybe you are just fine  with having the government of a nation who’s constitution begins with we the people, pandering only to  the whims of the corporate citizens and the very wealthy. If you are,  then I suspect Gianforte is your man too.

Yeah, our government is a swamp and some drainage is on order,  but, it’s worth remembering that water seeks its level and there is a great big pool of vile sludge just up stream. Until we get control of the corporate cesspool every drop of water we ladle out of the swamp is being  replaced by the putrid outflow of that foul bog. It won’t be  long until the whole thing is one huge sewer.

I don’t know how much Rob Quist knows about draining swamps as I said here I don’t really know him , but everything i do know about him makes me believe he  least he will stand up to those like Gianforte who prefer the cesspit.


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