High Crimes and Misdirection.

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I was thinking today about an online interaction I had with a troll who mentioned Billy Ray Dale. This was during the 2016 general election  I was initially impressed becuase that is not a name that even the most devout anti-Clinton folks pull out of the deck. Even more impressive this  person seemed, at first, to know a bit about Mr. Dale.

If you are asking at this point  who Billy Ray Dale is, I doubt very much you are alone so I will digress for a moment.

In early 1993 Mr. Dale was fired by the Clinton administration.  Billy Ray Dale was the head of the White House Telegraph  and Travel Office, more commonly known as the White house Travel Office. This little known group of folks are responsible for  travel arrangements for the White House Press Corps. The white house claimed they made the decision to fire Mr Dale and others  due to reports of inaccurate accounting and possible kick backs to employees from a charter airline company,

Mr. Dale had been in that office for more than thirty years and had headed the office for eleven of those years. He knew the rules say that all the employees in that office serve at the pleasure of the President. Nothing about them being fired should have been controversial. But, this was the Clintons and people just didn’t trust them, so this spun up and into  a major ethics dust up. Should you want, you can find out more about Travelgate here, 

I’ll admit that I didn’t remember all that at the drop of the name.  After all, who can possibly carry around all the details of  all the scandals that swirled around the Clinton Presidency?  So, I turned to Google and was not at all surprised that the second result was a link to Judicial Watch.

I will spare you my full scorn for Judicial Watch – saving it possibly for another post – but, suffice it to say any allegations that these conspiratorial fanatics are a watchdog group is not only absurd,it is also a huge disservice to actual watchdogging. These uber-partisan dissimulators have been a steady pusher of debunked disinformation since not long after Mr. Dale was fired. Nothing that comes from them should be believed. or, at a minimum, should be taken with a yuge grain of salt.

As expected the alleged human on the other end of the internet only knew the name Billy Ray Dale becuase of the judicial watch article I mentioned above. One  line in particular caused umbrage  – Based on all the evidence made available to me, Hillary Rodham Clinton had ordered and directed my and my Travel Office colleagues’ dismissal.   How dare she!

At the bottom of the article it says that Mr. Dale himself made the above statement as part of a declaration to Judicial Watch on August 6, 1999. That is almost four years after Mr. Dale was acquitted on the embezzlement charge that stemmed from the financial improprieties which the Clinton White House claimed to be the reason for the firing. Nowhere in the declaration does Mr Dale mention the allegations. Instead his entire mouthful of sour grapes seem to come from his belief that Hillary had some part in his being fired.

Why would Judicial watch stir that soup well past it’s shelf life? If you dig around on the web site for Judicial watch it becomes clear pretty quick that’s what they do. Their stock and trade has always come from kicking a dead horse for whatever horseshit they can harvest, combining that with the right dose of innuendo and untruth  and overcooking it into tasty sweetmeat which trolls – like the one who mentioned  Mr. Dale – line up for. Nearly every bag, can bucket and bottle of troll found on the shelves at Judicial Watch carry a warning about the dangers of Democrats. The name that appears on more troll food packages than any other is Hillary Clinton.

Conventional wisdom is that trolls are best left alone. But, I’m not always a fan of convention, plus  I find trolls entertaining. So, I followed the trail left behind by my troll’s dragging knuckles to find whatever cave he thought I might enjoy. As expected it was the cave of misdirection, a popular choice among right wingers,trolls and other ne’er-do-wells

The dimly lit cave of  misdirection is filled with shadowy passages, the walls of which are lined with a special type of fun house mirror. No matter what you place in front of these mirrors, one of the Clintons or Barrack Obama  looks back. Follow any passage and before long you will encounter shouts of “Benghazi” or “but her emails”   I have never traveled to the end of the passage, but I hear tell those who have are converted to trollism and given their own evangelical quota.

These troll caves are fun, for sure, the problem is they stink, bad. Not that the trolls notice. Does eating the Judicial Watch candy  make one immune to the smell ? Or  – and  I think this is more likley – is that what causes the smell and trolls just have a natural immunity to the smell of their own gas?

Through the entirety of the ugly 2016 General election, then candidate Trump beat a constant drum that Hillary Clinton was every sort of a criminal. To be sure, there were those who believed that a twice divorced  white nationalist, serial philanderer and grifter with multiple bankruptcies, a history of business failures and a no contact order with the truth was the right scoundrel for the job, but  he would need more than his disciples. To win the Presidency he would need a significant number of people to vote, not for him, but against Hillary. The tribal rhythm  he pounded out set the trolls into a focused frenzy of recruitment. While his rants were mostly about her private email server, other trolls used whatever candy they could find to lead folks to the cave and in many cases to the altar.

Winning the election was only the first battle. I doubt even Trump believed his crimes would remain under rocks forever. Although he knew that neither the elected Republicans nor the trolls – many of whom are the same people – would ever care what he did, there is a chance enough people would that it could make a difference, So, he left the trolls unchanged and unhinged. Judicial Watch and like groups continued filing the troughs and Trump went right on whispering in their ears. As more and more stones are turned over and more and more depravity has scurried out, Trump’s roving bands of trolls have gotten ever louder.  As Trump finds himself accused – albeit under the assumed name  individual 1 – of a felony, you can expect him to gin up the trolls for a real rampage.  Already he has tweeted that the court filing for his former attorney and fixer Michael Cohen clears him. In fact is does the exact opposite.

Expect the knuckle draggers to show up en masse any minute. When they come I find the  best tact is to point out that even if Hillary did all the various things that she has been accused of, it doesn’t mean Trump is innocent. Nor does it excuse anything he has done. These poor beasts lack the intellect  to understand that two people can have commited a crime. In trollville there is only one jail cell and Hillary belongs in it.

It turned out that my troll thought Billy Ray Dale was eventually killed by Hillary to become a tick mark on the wall in the famous Clinton body count. Damn, I was having such a good time. Still at least that one appeared to have some guile, I can’t say the same for any I have encountered since the Election. A few  of the trolls still mention Seth Rich – which is a Judicial Watch branded pile of crap – and a few others drag up dusty gems like Uranium One, but mostly they have settled on Hillary’s mismanagement of emails as their rai·son d’ê·tre.  “Sure,” they say,  “Trump might have committed a felony or seven, and he might lie several times  a day, and he takes the side of foreign leaders over our own intelligence agencies, but Hillary had her own server.” In trolllville, somehow that makes the pot right I guess.

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